On National Doctor’s Day

Grateful for My Psychiatrist

It’s nice to be able to say I had a good visit with my psychiatrist. When he asked questions I didn’t cringe at my answers. I’ve been progressing nicely. I’ve been feeling good more than bad. It feels nice to be able to report that. So after reporting on my progress, we started talking meds. 

He’s reduced one of my meds and now we are going to start to reduce and hopefully eliminate another. It will again take a while. It’s a slow process. The only thing that brought me some anxiety was the fact that he admitted that he will be nervous to take me off my other two meds. I have a feeling that is not in my near future. I want so badly to be off of some of these, but I have to be patient…something I am not so good at being. 

We did decide that I am going to try to go longer between my Spravato treatments. Going from every other week to every third week, which logistically makes life just a little easier. I am hopeful that I will still have success with that protocol. 

I am grateful for my psychiatrist. He really listens to me. He’s open to different types of treatment. He really knows what he’s doing. Sometimes I have to take a step back and really feel that gratitude on this journey, because I can so easily get caught up in the frustrations associated with it. Today I am doing just that.

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